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Inside this website you will find images, photos, pictures, video and other formats of media representing the Confederation of Helvetica, also known as Switzerland. The images and video each have their own story behind them and capture the true beauty that this country has to offer. We welcome your thoughts, comments, feedback and as well your own photographic interpretations.

Discover the CH architecture with pictures of famous buildings such as the BIS Bank in Basel or the Messeturm also located in Basel. Include as well are pictures of traditional farmhouses, museums, stalls, rural houses, and famous fountains such as the Tinguely Fountain.

CH is a small landlocked country in the middle of Europe that has a very long tradition of being a neutral country. For over 700 years this country has never been involved in any conflict or war and to this day are still unilaterally neutral.

Being well known for its banking industry, chocolate industry,  Swiss watches, and of course the Swiss Alps. Beautiful landscapes, tall mountains, flowing rivers and historical cities are integral parts of her heritage.

Major cities in Switzerland

Major cities in Switzerland include Bern, the capital of Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lucerne and Lausanne.

Well known Products of Switzerland include winter sports equipment, Cheese, Chocolates, Knives, Watches, and other high tech equipment. The major industries being such as micro technology, hi-tech, biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The Confederation of Helvetica is made up into three geographical parts, Jura, the Plateau and the Alps are areas which form the three main geographic regions of the country.

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